Does Your Company Have an ATTITUDE?

When we developed the “Does Your Company have an ATTITUDE” program, we set out to create a presentation geared toward changing the way a company looks at workers’ compensation issues from one of “the insurance company will handle it” to one of learning to handle a claim, treating it as a LEGAL PROCESS and considering each claim a priority in controlling costs.

Often times, the way employees view a company’s response to workers’ compensation has an impact on the way an employee may view the issue and ultimately may influence whether or not an employee will file a less than legitimate claim.

It is very similar to the adage “you are your first line of defense” when it comes to personal safety and that same cliche can be used in talking about how a business perceives their role in handling each and every workers’ compensation claim, regardless of legitimacy.

In addition to the “Does Your Company Have an ATTITUDE?” program, we also provide training and consulting services in assisting businesses set up their Early Onset Investigations policies if they desire to handle these procedures in house.

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